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Clan battles

AuthorClan battles
How about having stake combats in clan battles.


1 vs 1 - 2000 stake
2 vs 2 - 4000 stake
3 vs 3 - 6000 stake

the bets can be more also.

minimum ap,

lvl 5 - 5 ap
lvl 6 - 6 ap
and so on

I don't know if it is illegal.
this suggestion is for making game a fun
put on your suggestions friends,
if majority wins, then we will start doing it(if legal)
Keeping stakes on combacts is illegal....
Even for clan battles ?
the rule was implemented to stop multi staking right ??

Its for the clan i am asking
3.19. Unofficial stakes on gold, resources and items in combats and "Two Towers" game are prohibited.

Not limited to multis. Or even just combats for that matter.

Unfortunately a common form of cheating is starting a clan, stocking it with multis and unsuspecting players and boosting the "leader".

Usually people doing this are caught out because they make a multi character treasurer who then "donates" all their money before leaving the clan to be abandoned.

Have Fun

Can be found here - https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5.

It's always a good idea to be familiar with the game rules.

Thanks a lot !
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