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Important rule appear after registration

AuthorImportant rule appear after registration
Most of the players after violating rule by transferring gold to alt or making more than 3 accounts say that they did not know the rules so please forgive.
Instead, i think after successful registration important rule (i.e. 1 one person cannot create more that 3 accounts 1 main +2 alts
2 There should not be any kind of relation between the two.) should be shown with a highlight given or should be shown in tutorial...
nice idea +1

prevents excessive violation..

Give it twice, once in ENGLISH, and once in RUSSIAN, so those russian people can't use "language barrier" as an excuse :P

something reasonable :)
the problem is, do they read ?
the idea is great but I agree with cakur I told my bro 2 join the game he joined it I told him 2 read it he said why 2 read I will know all my self

and 2 clear it no illigal transfers between us he is level 1 only
for cakur:
that is why is say there two important rules should appear after successful registration with highlight.
there is a whole set of rules to which the players are requested to read but most of them don't. But if these two rules are shown separately such that after registration it is shown separately or on the tutorial people will surely read it.
Btw it can also be shown in did you know (which appears on home page)
I sympathise with your idea, but agree with Cakur.
Also, slamming these rules in the face of a fresh player is not really a stimulation to play.

Something else: isn't there something fishy in the first place with players who want to create multiple chars and a financial network immediately after registration? (That's just a thought, I could be wrong...)
i think we should have a video tutorial explaning the game and its rules with examples and a video tutorial on spells and special combat abilities
Better idea still is to include this warning in "Did you know" section or the gatekeeper telling us, or while transferring gold, a short warning regarding the same popping out.
What if you instead waited to show the important rule again after level 3, when they have had a chance to learn the game and there for also understand them better

To be honest this game first start at level 3, the first to are tutorial like in nature and are only used to give people a chance to learn the different mechanisms

+1 to the most important rules pop up again when you get to level 3
+1 to Khellendros' comment
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