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Inquiring about description in castle

AuthorInquiring about description in castle
I see that in every faction's castle the 1st few buildings have nice and interesting descriptions. (Example, Knight's farmer huts, These wooden huts of poor peasants allow to recruit units, armed only with pitchforks and not wearing defensive ammunition, from 22 upward.)

Yet a few buildings after that the description becomes depressively boring. (Example, Knight's Griffin Bastion, Allows you to recruit from 5 griffins upward.)

Can we change the short and boring descriptions to more interesting ones? (Example, Griffin Bastion, This bastion provides food, care and shelter for Griffins, attracting them to your cause. Griffins are swift and agile fighters, allowing no foe to approach it unscathed. Allows to recruit from 5 griffins upward.)

post it in ideas n suggestions
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Its a fine idea but we need other updates first
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