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Extend Barbarian Talent Wheel

AuthorExtend Barbarian Talent Wheel
As the topic says the barbarian skillwheel must be extended have a look at the elven talent wheel too ovwercrowded some options for talents could be liker elves hvae berthen commander we could have gobmaster or raidster or something like that or we could have some talents that enhance the racial ability
Well Barb has a smaller wheel coz it cant use magic

Its forbidden 2 create topics for strengthening creature/faction
if you dont like there talent wheel then dont be that faction
at level 8 with the right talents hero can do 60-80 damage min ap and your saying there bad? plus at level 10 they can attack multiple stacks with just hero
dude i amnt saying it is bad but you see we must have a little more variety
Barb talent wheel is beast. Simplicity is good.
Local rule
7. It is forbidden to create topics with suggestions to weaken/strengthen any unit, artifact, faction.
closed by Yuri_Gagarin (2012-03-18 17:05:30)
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