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sticky list updates / sign of life...

Authorsticky list updates / sign of life...
Upcoming Features

Ideas suggested multiple times

both are dated 14th of December 2010.

maybe it's time to update those lists?
just a little suggestion... ;)
update ? no need, since almost nothing change in those list. :)
they should delete that thread, no point in giving us false hope .... ;_;
update list? no i would say update the game with these changes then you can do a new list with new suggestions =.=
i remember seeing that list long back....sill they havent done anything :/
No worry's people there will be something new maybe after year but it is maybe
05 01 will be server's birthday - the last hope of changes for most of my caln players - if it will be another siple one day event then we'll just silently leave the game....
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