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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
the fan, and ofcourse, my birthplace
U have made me speechless :*
Ur_End_Is_Here flees in fear of Le Moose.
even necromancers now fear me.
deadmen fear of u @.@
You receive 95 gold, Fern flower

124 quests 6 Meteorite shard,1 Viper venom,1 Tiger`s claw,3 Fire crystal, 1 Ice crystal,2 Moonstone,3 Abrasive,1 Windflower,1 Fern flower
Its what you are underneath, not what you do that defines you.
-Not Batman
19/124... 15%...
my element drop rate pretty bad = =
how is 15% bad -.-, just not upto the mark of 20%.
There was a time when i got 4 elements (all toadstools) in 50 battles -_- while
i also remember contineously getting two windfloweres in consequetive quests.
So, let it balance itself in the long run :)
* meteorite shards
although i do not like to wait . so, i dont do MG :P
elfmoon, know how to get access to Kings and queens clan?
you have to be a legendary flooder or something
elfmoon, know how to get access to Kings and queens clan?

talk to KD :D
MG can earn alot of $$
Yeah that's true
After tg I love mg since I have got nothing else to do :P
2500 to go for skill potion
80k to go for citadel -_-
talk to KD :D
Im a mere flooder myself

Flood more, do something worthy of being in the clan ;)
You can try talking to Niranjan though :p
I'm a mere flooder...
Some one wake me up.. M I dreaming ?_?
Lol KD u joke well
U were the one who took 20k post ' 1k page and 21k post..
Have I left anything.. And u say mere flooder o_O
20k post + 1k page - Game bug
21k post - Moderator perks

Yes, I am a mere flooder O:)
Niranjan is the real deal
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