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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Thats a streak of 3 A triple 3 would be my fav cricketer :D
I will not die , I will survive! I will not die , im waiting for you !
Haha lol
I'm sleepy zzz
So , how was ur day? Mine was awesome.. no work today .. i should be paid only for 1 hr today :D
Don't worry I'm here won't let u die.. :P
I don't work though..
Went to college and while coming back home some bad things did happen..
:oooo :P
Well i was in a problem today too :P.. i went in the wrong bus.. and had to walk for like 5 km to home :D
Got nothing to do..
I still have the new year chocolate..
Was in train with clean jeans and came out stuck wid pigeon shit -_-"
And den Scooty wasn't working proper, battery got out..
What will happen.. if i say imma do facility battle now :D
I was like why me... O_o
Thats certainly sad But i had a laptop and some notes in my back too:D Well atleast i had a few dollars so stopped at Zone to buy a burger :P
I have a doubt.. is ubisoft microsoft's product?
Huh my stupid college doesn't give holiday on Saturday while every other college gets.. -_-
Lmao even i have holiday tomorrow ;D.. Well i had my own streaks :/but no legendary ones .. probably a 300 pages back :D u guys did like 300 pages within 1 month omg :D
I'm very poor at it...
Ask me anything abt cricket I can reply..
Man it sucks sleeping and typing..
So annoying :(
Boring life :/
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