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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
we can't? strange

i already joined one
thinking of becoming lv11
yes I can join as well,but I dont think we can create new battles
ok,got it we can create as well!
I was searching those in type of combat
:\..every1 wears full ap..even when i type
"min ap only"
Why are the battle descriptions not visible only when I type it..it just disappears..

But i see battle descriptions when others create battle :\
M not playing auto battles :(
Playing with my multi so that it will lvl up and I will get gold *evil smile* :P
Today because of auto battles all factories will be filled with gold..*.*
Hell yeah
Regular enrolls at production without w8ing $.$
Thanks,i never thought about that :DD
Last year,the 4v4 battles were for 2 days?
Don't know
I don't play auto battles much...
Energizing drinks on the house for you. Cheers!you are tipsy, sober up!.
Lol didn't know that @.@
But of no use for me
We created the "prettyelf hits level 10" threads at the same time xD
Lol :P
lol... ty :P
K m bored now
How is my multi going to earn 700k exp In a day o.O
Need to w8 for another auto battle
Combat level: 11 (4599298) +400702

400k exp left TT
U ll earn it as high level people get high exp ...
Not really.
Im only doing battles in min AP for now. :(

I get around 6k-8k exp per game :p
Feeling like heaven

MelWolf Straight up 23 252,000
byebye roulette :)
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