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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
It does.

Translated version says " For today and tomorrow"
wont bet this time

very confused

however i think and black + 3rd doz
perfectly right ! :O
35. and black + 3rd do
U and ur love for roulette is eternal :P
Why ? :\
Why dint i bet ? :(
Time to have some big win ! $.$
Yeah got the best chance to win ! :D

perfect time
When will you stop roulette?
When roulette dies :P
hi all!
Hey :)
Even after buying full arts in multi m loosing
Because russains join battles.with enchants -_-'
God why m I alive #.#
That's why I dislike about them...some people join with fully enchanted rare arts :/
for Optimus Prime:
for Ur_End_Is_Here:

what' yur problem with that?
even i am playing with enchanted sword

2 enchanted weapons are much cheaper than full ap sets ;')
defense doesn't matter to me when playing as demon
Am I Rich ? :P
gzz Op :)
How much did u win??
Great !!

for Anony-mouse:
One enchanted sword and full enchanted set does make a difference,doesn't it??
for Optimus Prime:

Bum is rich, not you
You owe lot of people, lot of goldy
for Ur_End_Is_Here:
Not if it is a really attacking faction like Demon, dark elf
The victory is same
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