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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Edit 37219.
at non war area xD
got a temporary hunt record
its been so long :P
9:24:58 [!Night-watch]private to PrettyElf: You are banned for 15 min for foul language. You might as well get imposed a penalty.

in chat for copy paste text [russ] from leader -.- for battle survilugs... tahts a lame thing
Auto ban?
Same here. I used to use it chat with my real life friends.
We write in our language and system auto ban both of us.
lame auto ban xD
lame auto ban xD
Totay lame :D
Saw here
hello !
heavy rain here. i hope my neighborhood will not xperience flood =(
Where are you from ?
for -_NO--NAME_- :
There has been suggestions both from local (Malaysia) and overseas that the U.S, Australia and Malaysia are in a cahoot and hiding something from the general public.

The actions of the 3 named countries are indeed suspicious and furthermore it is a well known speculation that Australia is just merely a "puppet" of the U.S (I meant no offence to anyone) and Malaysia is helping the "big brother" (U.S.).

But my opinion is that there is indeed some cover-up between the 3 countries but I doubt any of the countries named would shoot down (intentionally or not) MH370.
for Lord spiral-doom:
You're in Malaysia right? If so, which state are u at presently?
the weather has been weird lately. I think it is due to the rainy season in west malaysia
:o Singaporean airlines missing !
for Ur_End_Is_Here:
gratz! you are getting closer to lvl 12 =)
^ Thankfully you're not in west malaysia. I'm from Perak and I've experienced rain for 4 days non-stop continuously, though I'm staying near the south and its the northern part that were affected.
Singaporean airlines missing !
That would be malaysian owned airlines but in-bound to Singapore from Indonesia. Nearly had a scare there, thought that you meant there was another one!
Nearly had a scare there, thought that you meant there was another one!
i googled it as soon as i saw that post =)
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