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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
Mad horse 2014
yea pretty elf. you cant just give up. you are at CL13 in about a year!
and it took me 4 years to go to CL13 =.='
dont give up! get tg5 and you will be fine! gambateh!
for Lord spiral-doom:
for ElfMoon:
Ty guys :)
Some how will sort this outt... hope..
whats wrong with the mixed tournament?
no idea
bug maybe? probably due to the not consuming dura part
everyone who is participating is stuck :P
for PrettyElf:Some how will sort this outt... hope..
you must!! never give up cuz you are pretty =)
i thought we'l get no dura loss for every battle :(
lol so did i
i skipped college for this :P
i have college tomorrow XO
i am free until march :P
why am i not getting any new year hunts? :/
you can change your faction without waiting for 24 hours
for Niranjan:
wow didnt know that
ok something is definitely wrong...i passed 4 hunts and iam not getting any mad horse :/
pretty elf don't leave us, you are a grreat player:)
for Wonderla:
I wont.. :)
I gues :P

will be here around..

Ty :)
grrr. mad horses have 50% magic shield.. i dont understand why admin needs to give them magic resistance. make my life hard :P
any idea how to defeat the stupid horse??
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