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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]

This player has so less battles but so much enorlls
He must have faced a lot of workaholics ? :O

It's all abou rushing the tranquil and Vanguard

Then build up for heart and shiva :D
Too tanky.

Forgot to mention, I love lone druid too :D
Where is blink... lol
And you saw Puppey play Axe he makes bloodstone
I think thats good choice.. Axe needs too much mana his ulti call + ...
Have you played the type where you can choose abilities?

My best till date:
Counter helix
The necro ability which grants lots lots of regen
Lancer final ability
Ursa passive

Yup, all 4 passives. Main hero was tusk.
Best game till date :D
Ya blink TOO ofcourse.
Shiva gives sufficient mana for end game.
Mine good hero is Mirana
I basically play roaming mode helping people for kills with awesome arrows :)
Time for target practice !
For this I gave up Immortality ?
Im batman...
I am Spiodmer
I am Spiodmer
status: Triumph! Keep it up, warrior! Here is your reward.

You receive 54 gold

no drops :/
After saying it here they gave an element!
status: You've taught a lesson to these pitiful creatures, and they won't forget it soon. Here's your reward.

You receive 147 gold, Viper venom
Even more silence
I am not able to sleep since 2:00 server time #.#
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