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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
maybe zues will hurt goku by marrying his lover?
i lol'd hard xD
looks like u dont know goku..
or chi-chi


He's scared of the only one thing that's stronger than a Super Saiyan- his wife
So did loafoant got 16k or stupefy again stole it ? :P
cuz clicking back pages is a bit too mainstream :P
for Pankaj_Kalra21:

I wanted it to be a surprise, the thrill with the people's reaction but eh I guess I have to make that one click :P
for blazingarpit: I let Stupefy have this one,plus I like 17K more than 16K :-p
Since i feel like flooding this time of the year, i am gonna add another useless post here. Hi guys! 16028 is here with you! :P
useless ? how dare u use such a word ! Begone,spawn of darkness ! :p

1 gold for the person who guesses the reference :p
Will anybody tell stupefy that he gotta pay 12% repair cost for the repairs :P
^I dont think he will listen :p
Oh, nooo, i have been unmasked! ...(flies away with a shriek)...
*hulks out and grab the shadow and delivers the same fate as loki in avengers* :P

would anyone care to tell what's left of the shadow..:P
on for a QT..

lets see if i...:P
only if the talent wheel doesn't take much time to load..:P
*hoping for good partners*
i must admit..

ppl here were so absorbed in talk that they did notice a thousandth post coming..:P

post bar was stuck on 15993 for a whole day..until i realized..:P
lost in the very first match even in 45 AP..:(

i hate Dark elves..:(
Reputation: 10

Our steadfast allies, the 'Shining Spring' 'Enchanted gargoyles', are retaining the river for several days already, but their forces are limited and decreasing. Help to defeat the 'Vanguard of elves {1}' and do not allow our friends to perish. Hurry, they won't stand their ground for more than 600 minutes.

Award: 33 gold

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