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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
I hate diamond upgrade peoples , ou wont have a chance against them :(
Yeah? See my battles with all diamond upgrades fought till now.
fought-3 won-2.
(guffaw) Thats because they got scared of your appearance khali.


Those were beacause of good strategies:D
I still belive you won them cause of your muscles and body. Man you are one of the stongest WWE guys out there,
Level 8 guys ! :P
grats loafy! :D
GA guys!
^GA and thx mate :)

cant wait to use commanders
Gratz loaf:)
opened thread in gratz and congrats froum
lvl 8...wow.!

weren't u CL 2 couple of months back.?..:P
Those were beacause of good strategies:D

the match u won against DU dwarf was cuz of many times ur troops encountered luck on just one "luck" and his noobness to bring forward melee units (mountain sentries) and in speed of FK despite great defence

second one.?

come on the other one was an EOFO..the other two elfs killed each other and no one focused on u..u entered the game at last..:P
all i wanted to say is

"Phek mat"..:P
for Stupefy:
Feb 7 - > Level 3

May 21 - > Level 8 :p

"Phek mat" lol XD
for kushagra5: thx for thread mate :)
so nowadays the flood thread is only active when people have a quarrell.. seriously guys you can do better.
Csk on finals!
^ yay ! to hell with MI XD
Just had an awesome 3x3 GB..but I think the game misunderstood my 1 luck as 100 luck XD
I just hope CSK doesnt win!

MI you can do it!
I am in a bad situation.
Cant play hunts etc or i will lvl up. There are 3 battles to go to end my blindfold after which i level up.
I am workaholic now. Cant play battles cause dont have so much time. GRMPHH
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