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My last account (Accuquire to unblock)

AuthorMy last account (Accuquire to unblock)
My last account name was Figure before I stopped to play(becouse i hated how i get lost my barbar).

Now im try to ask unblock it.It wasn't broken by that hacker.I dont know how Figure(its the account name) have been blocked,becouse i stopped to play after i get lost my barbarian char.I started to play again and i dont can logged to that.But I see that have been blocked by that topic what i writed in the top of my message.
So I ask to unblock(if can) that char.Pls.

-How do u know i say true?
I dont know how can it acces,but (i think) my IP number is the same(I use the same computer before with the same Internet acces).And I usually use 3-6Passwords.I remember i changed my PW after the barbar char was broken.So i think i know my own PW.

P.s.:I'm sorry for my bad English.
Ps.:(2)And sorry if bad topic,but i dont knowed what topic match for it.And i dont find other place to write to admins.
Sometimes it would be impossible to unblock :(

I don't know much about this game but in the other game, we need to pay to get unblock.

Start a new life, man. Have a nice day.
Remember to check up the rule.
I think in this game dont can pay for it,or can?
(I dont want to pay.)
4. Questions concerning closed affairs, requests and other attempts to contact the Administration are made with the help of Secretary. Violation of this rule is penalized by at least 24 hour ban.
closed by Queen_Amanda (2012-04-14 20:19:09)
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