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Faction Upgrade

AuthorFaction Upgrade
Even though this would be too late for the game, I thought this would of been a good option -

(Only for Barbarian) - Once the player has reached level 5, he now has the option too upgrade Goblins to Hobgoblins. But my idea was too allow the player -once they have reched level 5- to have the option to upgrade goblins between Hobgoblins or Goblin Archers.

This can also work for many other factions.

Elves - Faeries - Spirits/Dryad
Knight - Farmers - Brutes/Recruits
Wizard - Gremlins - Gremlin Wreckers/Gremlin Engineers
Necro - Skeletons - Skeleton Archers/Skeleton Legionaires
Dark Elves - Bandits - Poisoners/Renegade Thugs
Demon - Imps - Spawns/Vermins
There is also more such as Farmers - Rebels etc.

This would also work with secondary troops and level 3 unlocked troops E.g.
Forest keepers - Forest Brethen
Swordsmen - Guardians/Crusaders

Alternative upgrades have been suggested many times...

It would make the game more fun
Sorry I was not in knowledge of similar happenings.
in an interview earlier last year, the admin of .ru said they currently decide not to introduce the alternative upgrades because it will fully destroy the faction balance
Hmm I am not going to argue with the admin since he does know better. But I do think it would be fun :)
Dark Elves - Bandits - Poisoners/Renegade Thugs

Is it right?

I'd like to see this kind of monster too, but, not in level 5.
should be reserved for higher levels after 15 maybe? or 7-11 coz the alternate upgrades are very strong xD
lol, if dark elves could upgrade poisoners to renegade thugs, they would be such an overpowered faction, everyone would be a dark elf :) ik I would
Dark Elves - Bandits - Poisoners/Renegade Thugsthat will hurt renegade thug is more powerfull then 1 lizard cavalary
Actually I agree with Cargo, you could be able to do a second upgrade around level 1 ish...

And sorry all Renegade thugs were the closest I could come to Bandits... this is just a taster sort, not real :)
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