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East Bay factory script user back catch him

AuthorEast Bay factory script user back catch him
Someone is using it again while nickel factory has over 180k and nice time to earn.I have 2mbps speed and I dont think anyones faster
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Probably Amulet of luck factory, too. You can't tell me that I can't sell nickel after enrolling 5 times in a row.
bro i got 100 mbps fast internet it got nothing to do with broadband speed
I have slow internet and it seems that when this type of script user is active i have very slow page loading and often lose connection It is very frustrating...
Steel works in GC same situation, someone is selling resources asap now
It seems to be happening at the ring of inspiration factory at east Bay too.
The same with steel works in Silent Hill
I tried to enroll in Nickel works 3 days back .. and noticed that within a second of buying a nickel, all resources are sold .. I even bought a single nickel and just refreshed the page to find all the gold used in resources fast! this is definitely a script .. catching this type of abusers is very easy if we have admins looking after this server.
if we have admins looking after this server this, we dont have, so they can freely operate 'everywhere'.
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It seems to be happening at the ring of inspiration factory at east Bay too.

additional info: the script seems to sell nickel there, not the gems or crystals.. hope it helps pinpointing the bastard...
still no changes, even if you buy amulet and try to sell nickel right away, you can't. someone does it faster.

maybe it would be useful if we can see the log between the factory and players also? :)
It is also at work currently at the steel blade factory in SH
This is the scriptor:


He always keeps a huge amount of wood, or, and mercury (nickel ingredients), and little else. Whenever he's online, it's clear that a script is being run at Nickel Works in Eastbay. You can see that his stocks immediately goes down whenever a sell slot is opened (and immediately closed, of course).

When his account is offline, everything works as normal.
Is the admin going to take any action on this character? But I guess no rules forbid using scriptor.
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