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Insult in personal info

AuthorInsult in personal info
This player has insulted me in his personal info:


by calling me a Backstabbing selfish Coward. I have done nothing against the rules to provoke him (if yes, he can prove it) to do so. Whatever be the reason, a player has no right to provoke another player in public, and according to the rule:

1.10. The player is not allowed to place any obscenities, filthy photos, drug ads, pornography or insults on other players in their character information page , including photo album.

The player has insulted me in his character information page, which is clearly against the rules. I don't have any problem if the player puts my name under the list of Blacklisted people, but calling me a Backstabbing selfish Coward is beyond what I can accept, since I have done nothing wrong against him. This is an insult to me.
He has also put insulting things about me in his profile page...last time i contacted queen_amanda directly and he removed it then.....now he has put it back again... its continuous violation of rule...
He changed Backstabbing selfish Coward to selfish person. Still, he has no right to call me selfish without any reason. He needs to remove this attribution from his personal info, he can write it in his notepad if he wishes to remember, but such attributes are an attack at my reputation in the game, and other players looking at his personal info might have a bad impression on me.
without any reason.
I have very nice reasons 2 call u selfish in my mail box
other players looking at his personal info might have a bad impression on me.
Others shud know the truth about u
who cares, as if anyone ever reads all that personal info of other players
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2012-05-17 14:47:22 // no 3rd party comments allowed in CaA]
I am going to give all of you 3 days to work this out between you otherwise another solution will have to be implemented.
closed by Queen_Amanda (2012-05-16 18:48:17)
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