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he's done transfers between multi accounts and he sent me this letter:

hello do you want a avatar if yes give me your password and i will make you one in 1 minutes
Yes, he is also making avatar from reddodo.com. And selling them,

P.S. admins this is not third party,just giving additional info.
i din't so now i give up o.k i hate how you do things for me o.k i will send back and i din't say for the password then show me the message
One last thing, I told THE-PIE-MANIAC that he should delete:

If you would like to buy a avatar call me i am the man here to make you one my avatars cost 500 gold only until the end of this month after this month they will cost 700 gold so buy now before the special offer runs out buy now!

of his description but he didn't. And he is getting them off a website from www.reddodo.com. Isn't that illegal in the game and in real life?

P.S. admins this is not third party,just giving additional info.
Also, we have proof that THE-PIE-MANIAC is lying. You can see Ingarian's albums, it shows that THE-PIE-MANIAC asked for a password.
[Post deleted by moderator Queen_Amanda // screenshotss are not accepted aas proof]
1 more note: THE-PIE-MANIAC seems to be a chronic cheater - his multi pieisawesome has got fees for staged combats, insulting and bad sportmanship. It's pretty clear that he's unable to change and therefore doing only harm and no good.
[Player banned by moderator Queen_Amanda until 2012-05-27 17:00:36 // CaA is not for discussions or personal opinions. make your case and leave it]
additional info from piemaniacs log:
(mostly transfers from listed multi)

05-19-12 23:27: Received 178 Gold from pieisawesome1 : here is the repays still
05-19-12 23:11: Received 70 Gold from pieisawesome1 : this is the winner i still have to pay u back400 gold this was froma loan admin
05-19-12 23:02: Received 79 Gold from pieisawesome1 : i like pie
05-19-12 20:43: Received 801 Gold from pieisawesome1 : o.k u won here is the betting gold
05-18-12 07:43: Received 899 Gold from pieisawesome1 : GIFT FOR HUNT
05-14-12 07:06: Received 380 Gold from pieisawesome1 :
05-13-12 20:35: Received 2000 Gold from gregor590 : gift
05-13-12 03:49: Received 254 Gold from pieisawesome1 :
05-12-12 22:06: Received 160 Gold from pieisawesome1 :
05-12-12 21:44: Received 550 Gold from pieisawesome1 :
to ingarian and admins: the-pie-amniac asked sent me the same letter to my main account that h0mer and i wasn't playing anyway anymore, so i thought what the heck and gave him my password and he sent 7000 gold from my account to his account. p.s: you can block me if you want,i dont care, but block him too.
further additional info:


05-20-12 19:59: Received 7364 Gold from h0mer : bye, old friend, i'm leaving, gl
This is a note:

The-Pie-MANIAC has 5 characters

1. qwerster (blocked)
2. pieisawsome (blocked)
3. pieisawesome (Fined 20000gold)
4. pieiseawesome1 (Fined 500gold)
5. THE-PIE-MANIAC -- Doing illegal things
I am posting this from the message from Ingarian.

THE-PIE-MANIAC sent all his gold to his multi darkslayer590 which have several trasfers from his other multis
05-26-12 21:47: Transferred 254 Gold to DragonBlaze, Commission charged: 3 : here is a gift i am leaving now i hate this game it is fuc.king gay

05-26-12 21:46: Transferred 12000 Gold 4 Gems 4 Crystals 4 Sulfur 4 Mercury 7 Ore 1 Wood to darkslayer590, Commission charged: 120 : he is a gift i am leaving now
Sorry for mistake, pieisawesome1 was fined 5000gold not 500gold...
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