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When worlds collide

AuthorWhen worlds collide
Chapter One - When Time Began

In the beginning their was nothing. And from nothing, their came something. This something was a cloud, a minute cloud of colors and pure energy. Their were eight different colors in this cloud Rusty Brown, Emerald, Ruby, Crystal White, Navy, Grey, Black and pure sparkling purple. These colors eventually began compete for the biggest share of the energy, it became clear from the beginning of time that the purple form of energy would win out but there was always the black and grey forms not to far behind. Eventually after several millennia of energy battles, in one huge fight for energy the colors blew apart forming individual clouds of their own. Without the hindrance of the other colors the strongest, purple, quickly grew into a huge cloud. Using the immense amounts of energy stored within itself purple soon successfully formed the first sapien like life form to ever exist. To the citizens of today this race of peoples created at the dawn of time itself are known as the Wizards.

Having developed many more of their life forms and having created a homework to live on the Wizards set out to help the remaining colors of the cloud become life forms themselves. This was the first and only mistake the race of Wizards have made to this day. The first color they found was Crystal White, drifting close to the edge of the Wizards new world. This cloud had stuck by the purple cloud in the early battles of time itself and was therefore made into a noble and valiant race by the Wizards, this race was too be called the Knights.

The dull Rusty Brown cloud had made its own way to the new Wizard/Knight homeworld after sensing the huge volumes of energy being used there. Although this cloud was very aware of the use and manipulation of energy, it could not do it itself and relied heavily on the Wizards to create its new race for them. Although these peoples where incredibly aggressive they had no control over the energies surrounding them and therefore relied heavily on the brute strength of their human forms. Based purely on their animalistic and inherently violent nature this race was named the Barbarians by the early Wizarding professors.

The Emerald cloud was the hardest to find of them all, although wizards would track it down it would simply dash away faster than the eye or any spell could follow. Surprisingly help in the Emerald clouds capture came from the mist unlikely of sources.

Unbeknownst to the Wizards the Grey and Blacks clouds had already with their combined energy formed their own homeworld and life forms, but these life forms were of the dark kind, their planet covered in dark caves filled with creatures that would scare the wisest Wizard and the bravest Knight, creatures such as the Hydra were formed. A creature with so many heads it could have a staring contest with an entire army at once. These two races had mastered the darker sides of the energies such as chaos and darkness. In their studies they had discovered ways to manipulate time like no wizard could. The grey cloud had not gone as far as the Black cloud had in its Dark studies though. The Black cloud had almost immediately gained control of the chaos elements such as lightning whereas the Grey cloud was more concerned with its own survival and therefore rapidly set to work devising a way to resurrect the dead members of their race and their race alone.

Eventually the Wizards, following the Emerald cloud, stumbled across the dark world on which the Grey and Black races resided. Because a few years previously a very wise wizard had labeled "The art of resurrection" as Necromancy the Grey race became known as the Necromancers. The Black cloud however caused a lot more problems than any cloud before. Up until that chance encounter the Wizards had easily been the magically dominant race in the known universe. But now these Dark people were clearly competition for this role. However in spi
However in spite of the foreboding and obvious separate paths the two races would take they agreed to work together to give the Emerald cloud its own life form. The dark elves successfully created a time spell that would slow down the Emerald cloud considerably, however at the precise moment it was cast the Emerald cloud fluctuated and sent a beam of pure Emerald energy straight at the Dark peoples homeworld.

With their in depth knowledge of energy the Wizards teleported back to their homeworld leaving the Dark people to what they thought was certain doom. A few years passed by and when the Wizards were sure the concentrated energy had dispersed they teleported back to the Dark world only to find it still there and if anything, slightly greener than before. The Dark people had a new appearance aswell and the was a green world next to the Dark one. Inquisitively the Wizards teleported to the new world to see what had become of the Emerald cloud and whether their attempts at creating a new race had been successful.
Chapter Two – Let the arrows fly

Of the Wizards on the expedition back to the Dark world, the oldest and wisest was known as Bilir, Bilir was the second Wizard life form to be made (the first having died in the early attempts at teleporting, only his head teleported). Bilir was very intrigued by the state of affairs on the Dark world, while the expedition went to the Emerald world he stayed behind for a bit to look around, he soon discovered some interesting changes. The Hydras, once black were now a pale green, the normally slow females of the Dark race now could run in and out of their caves killing the dinner before the animals could turn around. The once humanoid life forms that had been the Dark people were now more nimble and quick, they had pointy ears and in many cases had control over the creatures around them.

Believing this to be the result of the Emerald energy beam Bilir proceeded to follow the rest of his expedition to the Emerald planet. However, when he arrived there was no sign of his expedition; and no sign they had ever been their at all; he was looking around when something flashed in the corner of his eye. Following his instincts he cast a stone skin around himself to protect him and before he new it, flying pieces of metal were hitting his shield.

Still protected behind his shield the Wizard reached down and picked up the one of the tiny pieces of metal. It was very fine and artistic and so he knew it could not be the savage barbarians. It was also made of pure silver and crafted to such beauty that it couldn’t be the Dark people. He knew he wouldn’t be able to teleport back without losing his stone shield, so, much against his inner beliefs he waited for an arrow to fly just past him and then cast a spell. This spell had never been seen before, it imbued the arrow with pure energy and reversed its direction; in later years Bilir would name this spell the Magic Arrow. It flew at the speed of light back towards whoever was shooting at him. But as soon as he heard the explosion of energy signifying that he had hit his target the arrows starting coming again, this time from a different direction. Bilir was amazed, only one thing that he knew of could dodge something like that, whatever was shooting at him must be the life form of the Emerald Cloud.

Empowered with this knowledge but knowing he could not afford to kill these people, he devised a clever plan. On this planet there were many trees, and in these trees there were several nests of many kinds. He sent a shockwave of energy at the nearest nest not knowing what was inside. As it turned out it was, as we know it today, a wasp’s nest. This shockwave made all the wasps fly out in rage to find the person who did this to their nest and of course seeing the arrows flying from the edge of the clearing they made the logical assumption it was their fault. With this assumption a Swarm of Wasps attacked the shooters, again in later years one of Bilir’s apprentices having heard the story called this tactic Wasp Swarm. With the wasps attacking, the shooting had stopped and the Emerald people were crying out for help from the edge of the clearing. Being the honest and noble wizard that he was Bilir sent a small spell to summon a phantom of the Emerald people on the other side of the clearing. The wasp swarm soon deviated to the phantom people and then returned to their nest.

Having been saved from the wasps by their “would be” enemy, the Emerald people, who Bilir found out had called themselves elves, invited the Wizard to their homes. He asked them “Where could you live? This entire world is covered in trees” to which they replied

Chapter Three – What goes up must come down

The Emerald people, now known as elves, dashed off into the dense undergrowth of the forest with Bilir sprinting to keep up. Within a few minutes Bilir caught up to the elves who had stopped in front of a tree. But this wasn’t just any old tree; this tree was huge, so huge in fact that even the Hydras, with all their heads, from the dark world would have trouble seeing both sides of it at once.

Bilir asked the Elves, “Now what?”. Without saying anything the elves just pointed directly up. Bilir slowly raised his gaze up the length of tree and just stood their in awe.

All up the tree were blue and orange creatures flying, there were more elves sitting on the outermost branches attempting to control the Emerald energy. One of them cried out in pleasure as he made a lightning bolt appear out of the energy. At the topmost pinnacle of the mighty tree pure Jade Dragons were flying around. But the most amazing sight of all were the houses just hanging off the branches and seemingly weightlessly floating in mid air.

While Bilir had been staring up in amazement the elves who had led him there had dashed up the tree and were now speaking animatedly with an obviously older, yet female, elf. After a while the older elf came down the tree and spoke.
“I welcome you to our world Honorable Bilir, I am known as to my people as Quetlisse”

They exchanged pleasantries and then proceeded up the tree. They had been seated for a while when Bilir suddenly stood up with a puzzled expression on his face. “What is it?” one of the elves asked, “It’s probably nothing but I can sense a huge mass of energy traveling towards this world at high speed”. As soon as he finished a huge roar erupted from just outside the house and one of the Jade Dragons stuck its head through the door and an elf quickly jumped off and ran breathlessly to Quetlisse. They had a hasty discussion in a language that Bilir did not understand but one word their two languages shared was obvious; “Dark”.

After the discussion had finished the dragon rider ran back outside leaped onto the dragon and began to circle upwards. The dragon then let out a piercing shriek and suddenly the entire tree appearing to erupt into pure Jade as dragon after dragon exploded from their resting positions into the sky and began to circle with the original dragon.
“What’s happening?” asked Bilir; “It’s those that you call the Dark people, they have just sent a massive ball of darkness towards our world and we know of no way stop it. We are moving to a different tree now”. “Oh no your not” huffed Bilir, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a red ball. He then threw it at the ground where it shattered into a pile of dust. However one small purple light flew out of the dust and flew upwards into the sky. A few seconds later the very ground shook as hundreds of wizards teleported from their world to this one.

Apparently without saying a word they, in synchronized movements, raised their arms and began chanting. Gradually a transparent purple wall began to rise around the tree. The elves on their dragons soon realized that this was a good thing and began to fly back to the tree. The last dragon had just landed when the purple wall closed above the top of the tree. Literally milliseconds later a huge ball of Dark energy struck the purple wall but simply rebounded back towards the Dark world.

From the Dark mages perspective the energy they had sent at the green abomination that was the Elf homeworld had been successfully shot up out of their world but just like today’s saying goes. What goes up must come down; the ball of energy had apparently started falling back to the Dark world. The Dark mages having realized their plan had failed dispersed their energy ball and set about working out what had gone wrong.

Back on the Elf homeworld Bilir had another big problem; even though the ball of Dark energy had gone he could still sense a huge energy presence nearby. He looked around but still couldn’t see it, and then it hit him. On his world the only way for them to see is through candles and fire, the same is true on the Dark world. So why here could he see freely with no apparent fire nearby. He looked up and saw what he had been missing, the huge fireball in the sky that had been helping him see he had assumed had been the Emerald energy transformed and when he had asked the Elves that is what they had thought aswell but now he saw the error in their assumptions.

No one can change the color of their energy; so if the Elves came from Emerald energy.
Why was their source of light Red...
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