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Shashwatme Vs Wiz_King


AuthorShashwatme Vs Wiz_King
Here we both will post our competition of writing-
Topic- A character Image
Dark Elves are the wisest and one of the most cunning of all characters in the cool game of lordswm. They are as dangerous and cunning as they look. Their spiky blue hair gives them the Gangster like Look. They have a dazzling golden head band with a mysterious skeletal head on it. To add to their mysterious looks they have a mask covering their mouth which helps them to conceal their looks while they are stealing. Their eyes which are their only parts of their face visible will make sure that your doubts about them being up to no good are banished. Their shiny blue metal plated armor is one of the only things which are not made of pure gold. On their right hand is the secret of their energy, their staff. This gold from bottom blue from above staff has a second skeletal head on it. On top of this staff is 2 sky colored blades. In the sun they reflect the sun in the day. This also signifies their ability to reflect other characters powers apart from their dark magic. On their hands they have a pure dazzling gold guard. Their belt is their most important part as it shows their religious 2 snake sign. This brown belt is worn over their short and brown cloak-like cover. This is another of their non gold parts. But what comes out from beneath is almost as dazzling as a rainbow. The golden plated galoshes are almost impossible to break through. It is astonishing that the dark elves are the swiftest despite the heavy galoshes. Truly their costume itself shows their characteristics of cunningness, wisdom, power swiftness and of course STYLE!

To vote for me write this-
Post 2
i like post 2 as ia m also a dark elf
Post 2
post 2
for shashwatme: One advice, the description is a bit too direct.

On top of this staff is 2 sky colored blades. In the sun they reflect the sun in the day.

Be careful with your grammar. Also, use more of conjunctions rather than writing many short sentences in some places. considering your age, this is good work, but as with anyone, you can improve. Best of luck. I'll vote after I see wiz's post, and decide which is better.

I guess when you guys vote, you must mention what makes you vote for that person.
born from the ashes of high elven commander , dark elves possess natural aura reflecting the darkness shrouding the world , trying to take control of the pure hearted ones. with hatred in their hearts and power in their wills they trained themselves to become strong , strong enough to one day to end the christian beliefs and spread the word of death. with the death lords support they have gotten hold of strongest weapons throughout the history .after stealing the armor archangel michael and staff from gabriel they began practicing dark arts.some boots covered in dragons blood and hair from titans they can surpass the fairies of highest order to a race.power didnt stop them t, they wanted more . for this they even went far enough to steal her majesty's son's headgear prepared by by wizard king ganor himself and majesty's own request.bilr was known to possess a certain pair of gloves when provided with hatred inside the will , glow and raise the wearers intellect ;the prefect item for those born out of hatred.
Sorry shashwatme, but I must vote for wiz_king. He has used better language to describe.

for wiz_king: I guess you forgot the capitals before each sentence :)

Good work to shashwatme too.

I vote for post 8
I vote for post 8
Sorry for posting with multi
i vote for post 8
good work man
for Baweja:
for brisinger7:
for Stupefy:

man, you guyz must have waited for the other person to post...
Post 8
I posted shashwat's to be a loo
It is nowhere in ky reading list
It actually sucks
I wud go for wiz king any day

I vote for post 8
I mnt lol instead of loo in the first sesentence
man wiz king said no to me on writing a poem or anything and said we need to write on their costume.
I wrote that and now he comes up with a lot different thing.
I wrote a thing on their costume and he comes up with a thing pretty different.

Its no where near 300 words i think.
And man how can golden boots be made of dragons bloodd.
Anyway my main reason of not being happy with this competetion is that i was told the wrong meaning of the topic.
I am sorry i dont participate in this anymore as wiz king told me something and did something else.
I was never told we had to write a sort of their history.
I was in the impression, that we had to write about their costume and LOOKS
First post very well says it's about charachter image
That includes history, present, powers AND looks/costumes
no man,
It is about only what we see.
Seing what wiz king wrote i could have also written a thing like that much better.
I was given the impression that we had to write about a dark elf image we see.

Sorry i am no more in this as i was not given the correct details by wiz king
He had said that i could not write poems (Which i was writing) But we had to write a description of their looks
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