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wiz king vs sashwatme writing event[real game now]


Authorwiz king vs sashwatme writing event[real game now]
i will post my description at 11:00 server time i hope you are ready
yo man this time i know what to do
Man, can't you guys write about something more interesting?
This Is Open For Everyone?
Not all know the secret to her Majesty's guardians attire . At a glance the armor may not take your imaginations to wildest to the heaven of lord where they were crafted but ; you cannot judge a book by its cover . The secrets within those crafted jewels are known only to elite leaders of their kin led by her the Empires tactician Councilor Kalirosh . Knights are led to force by purity and are given strength by their wise judgement , thus color to represent the unique kindness was chosen to be white by the Hands of God and leader of their ferocious warriors ; Archangel Michael and his brother ,the descendant from Abraham ; Gabriel . Each sword a knight carries is drenched in a Leviathans blood which gives them willpower to fight even in times of distress , but that's not all to it, each of the sword a brave Knight carries gets enchanted by the Sirens song recalled to have healing properties. It is said to be mordacious enough to cut through a Behemoth's fiery arm. A cape is there to show them the way , to show them the right path and not let them forget the righteous decisions they must make . Boots blessed by the high Elven lord and praised by Councilor Bilr gives knights the power to fight shrouded darkness which otherwise would shroud the world one day . Made from the hardest substance know to mankind and the tears of wisest creatures anywhere ; Anchorites , the armor provides them with the necessary information to understand the ways of war and enough power to withhold any damage struck. Using the forbidden arts the Knights had their silver arms providing them with force enough to fight a devil barehanded.
This Is Open For Everyone?

this time plz tell basis of your judgement
i made one mistake plz avoid it
in 3rd line her (7th word)
is there by mistake plz avoid it
Long ago when the powerful and good-hearted Elf King was facing a revolt from his brothers because of their goodness which caused them to lose an important battle, the whole kingdom started to take sides. Though the kingdom had already last half their people the remaining half started to separate too. It resulted in a huge war within the kingdom in which the Elf King was killed with ease. The evil brothers with their remaining supporters started to rebuild their armyís. The Dark Elves as they were later called started to make their stronghold even stronger then before. The started raiding the other kingdoms rich houses. Once on a raid they found a beautiful staff. The brothers were curious to know what the staff could do. It took a lot of time to realize that it had a lot of dark magic and chaos magic concealed in it. They Immidiately ordered for more such staffs to make but none was able to match that staffs power and splendor. So they gave the replicas to there army and once again a fight erupted on which of the brothers should get it. In a cat and mouse chase the staff got destroyed and its powers killed all 3 brothers. But the whole kingdom got much more powerful, smarter and if possible eviler. They created even more splendid wands. They discovered a new metal called gold and made their galoshes, hand guards and necklaces out of it. They decided that their signature trademark should be their old rulers, A 2 snake sign in which they were the rising and strong snake where as the 3 evil brothers were the lower, weak and dying snake. They made this sign on a brown belt which had to be worn by every dark elf if they didnít want to be killed. They also started to capture kingdom by kingdom and in no time, the most splendid and powerful creatures earn what they wanted, WORLD DOMINATION!

well i hope not late
wish more contestants cou;ld come up.
Time extended till tommorow if any one else wants to come in
voting starts now
current prize money :1000 from all others to winner
donations welcome
transfer to me with description: donation writing event
Voting for wizking
Both are really good, can't vote for either :(
Both arent really good, can't vote for neither :(
My Story : Barbarians.

Barbarians Were Born During The War Between Angels And Demons , Their Might Is Greater Than Anyone Else , They Are Neither Good Nor Evil , They Just Want To Live And Not Be Extinct . Barbarians' Axes Are Made Up Of Uranium (the most powerful metal) . Barbarians are Well Known For Their Might Not Magic , They Are Also Strong Because Of Their Resistance Against Magic . They Have Equivalent Ranged Units And Military Units , They Kill Anyone Who Comes In Their Way , Whoever The Leader Is , If He Has A Good Strategy Barbarians Are The Toughest And Can Rule Over Any Faction . Their Boots Are Made Of African Lion's Fur Which Adds A Touch Of Class . Once The Ruler Of Barbarians At 1000 BC Was Fighting Against A Witch , The Witch Was Way Far Powerful Than Him , He Died And The Witch Casted A curse To Barbarians , None Of Their Units Will Prevail Forever. To Take Of That Curse Barbarians Are Still Fighting Against That Witch.
Don't Vote For Me I Just Wanted TO Know If I can Write. Thanks.
But if I had to vote for someone - Shashwatme.
Basis : Well, I'm not the best person to give advice on stories, but something in the story - a suitable ambiance, something that cannot be described.

Anyways, wiz_king's was good as well, if I had to rate both on the scale of hundred, the difference would be of 2-3 score only :)
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