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Of Lords and Ladies, Creatures and Heroes and other stories

AuthorOf Lords and Ladies, Creatures and Heroes and other stories
I am launching many short stories. They will be on this game each may be of around 150 words. Please dont comment here. I will make another topic for comments. In off game forum.
The Mystery of the Quarries- Part1

It had been many years since the first mining quarries were made in the city. Now, every lord had to spend a day working there. It was bright sunshine one day when the first miners came. The previous day they had digged at their best and were going to sell all their stone for huge prices. When they opened the entrance to the cave they found..........................................

"Woah!" said Tom "We digged much more yesterday, and what do we find, all our bonus down the drain." "Yes, that would have got each of us a huge amount from boss" was what harry replied. Suddenly a cloaked man comes. "Boss!, all our yesterdays work has been wasted. We spent overtime and digged huge amounts of stone" "And it was eaten" smacked boss with a nasty laugh. "Have a look at this, sir. was what the others shouted. What the boss saw was big footmarks and huge dirty hand marks. He was so angry that he half shouted at his men "Get the MAYOR!"
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