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Why tavern cheats??? Another question for admins only.

AuthorWhy tavern cheats??? Another question for admins only.

this is the link for a lost card game in tavern. The stake was 7k. I lost, because I lost connection not to the internet but !ONLY! for this site. After all I could log in again but it was to late.

So please tell me what the hell is going on here?
might be your internet connection or your pc problem, this site work fine
Rufus07 stop spam here and call me noob on pm. Like I said I had connections to other sites.
first of all, look at at wat section u post on . u should post in Problems and errors (general)..
I remember a time when I had trouble accessing sites from certain countries before. I think it had something to do with some submarine cable being cut or something. Maybe your opponent was from somewhere where the connection to the game server was not affected. Also, maybe DNS issues with your ISP?
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Please read about how internet works and what tools you could use to diagnose such problems. A simple Ping or Traceroute would probably have given you answers. As said in post 5, your DNS could have had problems or have been unavailable.

Your title is wrong. Anyone could answer a simple technical question. Admins only answer for the server, not internet. If your opponent could continue playing, there is no reason for it to be a server problem.
Calling it cheats is also very misleading.
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