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Topic Date
Author Last message
Readme first! Local rules12.30, 21:281Empire12.30, 21:28, by Empire
Abu bakirs charm11.27, 01:442LvRokijs11.27, 02:15, by LvRokijs
Help password and email09.18, 11:414NastyNecro11.25, 13:39, by Beliar
Map Glitch10.05, 19:052#9595uio11.24, 19:48, by Beliar
stuck in tg11.02, 00:013#9595homurik11.02, 07:15, by #9595homurik
Experience gain10.26, 11:482s1nagve10.26, 22:05, by #7705Meshy
Phishing site?09.13, 19:056#933Yuvraz09.14, 16:15, by #933Yuvraz
Possible Account Hack/ Strange Market Buys08.31, 22:344Member09.02, 15:27, by #9595merlin36
Error trying to access some aspects of the game06.20, 19:5813ElvishW08.30, 20:34, by #302AKA
Stuck in a challenge08.24, 23:362#302AKA08.24, 23:38, by #302AKA
Tavern Card Tournament took gold but never launched08.03, 21:142Alkyrian08.03, 22:12, by Corey
Cerberi run while dead07.01, 13:062__Maiden__07.26, 14:28, by Bamboo
Account blocked due change of e-mail, maybe hacked06.14, 10:471TrueZombie06.14, 10:47, by TrueZombie
HG points are lower then 1 HG. Why?06.09, 12:063__Maiden__06.09, 13:58, by __Maiden__
Campaign Technical Glitch06.06, 11:261Marco Reus06.06, 11:26, by Marco Reus
Errors trying to access some aspects of the game06.05, 19:051ElvishW06.05, 19:05, by ElvishW
Account blocked01.30, 10:214princey05.22, 22:11, by #4201Magier
Server problem?Or?04.25, 16:1210#9595HAYATE ARMY05.02, 20:10, by #9595HAYATE ARMY
Unable to play Tavern04.28, 11:581Wonderla04.28, 11:58, by Wonderla
Problem loading fight table04.22, 14:224ElfArchery04.22, 14:28, by #7705Meshy
Map09.08, 10:2610week-are04.21, 15:42, by moki-
Cannot login into tavern and also some other places on map04.10, 18:172NikevZ04.15, 22:06, by #7705Lawton
Imperial part log filter05.17, 16:082#7705AzagToth04.09, 13:13, by #7705yany_elf
Stuck in battle04.01, 19:152#4201Calamity04.01, 23:58, by #4201Calamity
Actions still restricted after battle completion03.26, 23:204#7705Tsurvosh03.27, 22:23, by #7705Tsurvosh
Valentines Day02.14, 01:082#7490Leander02.14, 01:50, by DShaman
Blurry image with 125% font size in windows02.06, 19:342#7490krovak02.08, 08:02, by #928Bunnie
Account Problem12.20, 20:513Grishnagg01.29, 09:37, by #4201xenophon
Hey11.20, 09:551ZPCI_dark_maste11.20, 09:55, by ZPCI_dark_maste
Leap isn't working11.13, 00:493_Sworks_11.14, 01:31, by _Sworks_

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