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Topic Date
Author Last message
Readme first! Local rules12.30, 21:281Empire12.30, 21:28, by Empire
Creature abilities in combat are not shown properly01.17, 17:092#1597greenywo702.07, 15:34, by - Ulmo -
Hardware accelerator in battle08.22, 13:396#4201Calamity01.11, 21:16, by #4201Calamity
Can't Recover Hacked Account05.13, 13:074#8212TheArthusii12.25, 12:39, by Lexa
Stuck in battle10.23, 20:373#9595multi7712.25, 12:34, by Lexa
Lost account12.12, 20:243Gwacha212.25, 12:33, by Lexa
Lost account password11.27, 03:355Glenwing12.03, 12:30, by Glenwing
Hacked?11.18, 16:013#7705KiLlErUx11.19, 10:53, by Lexa
Bought castle building Fort but did not get my recruiting increase11.08, 23:1813alexlostre2511.10, 16:41, by #1209Galthran
Paid for diamonds but did not get any10.06, 02:342ZippinTheDrow10.06, 02:37, by ZippinTheDrow
Game stuck06.30, 08:287Lord thanderbolt06.30, 15:13, by Lord thanderbolt
Stuck in battle05.15, 00:196Udyr05.15, 01:43, by #1209Zhirkov
The game claims that I'm in a challenge when I'm not05.15, 00:121#7705Another Player05.15, 00:12, by #7705Another Player
Frozen in the card game05.12, 23:361DShaman05.12, 23:36, by DShaman
Wrong pass/login. Character deleted?03.11, 09:563Satanic03.12, 18:24, by #7490discount
Chat and Initiative bar overlap in mobile browser.01.27, 13:581Murali01.27, 13:58, by Murali
Mercenaries guild01.19, 22:253Mitashjj01.20, 22:14, by Mitashjj
Merchandise Guild01.15, 08:162DShaman01.18, 08:19, by #1209Dark-Ninja_lord
No artefacts after donation12.10, 16:114#1209Hephaistion01.12, 17:20, by #17Beliar
Donation artifacts.12.12, 11:444Irgin12.12, 18:50, by #1209Arcanide
0.1 diamond skip option for hunting not available10.26, 05:443Ramesses II10.26, 11:51, by Ramesses II
retrieve my account10.20, 21:222Lord Miladd10.22, 15:06, by #7490Meshy
missing Chests of Abundance10.14, 09:471#1209FearMyArmy10.14, 09:47, by #1209FearMyArmy
Web page not found ?10.14, 00:471Thevoices10.14, 00:47, by Thevoices
August Special Offer08.16, 10:1811#9595LordNebiros9208.20, 12:12, by #7490Meshy
You are in challenge.08.20, 04:031#7490KaesPL08.20, 04:03, by #7490KaesPL
Can't Log on to Alt08.02, 23:432Sir_Osborne08.14, 10:40, by #4201Corey
Unpredictable lags and forever loading07.05, 06:592Mercenary Exile07.12, 22:18, by #1209latviesu lords
Stuck in event battle06.29, 11:202GandalfTheWhite06.29, 12:26, by GandalfTheWhite
I have 100 Heaven Shield part how to get the shield?06.15, 09:441#1209FearMyArmy06.15, 09:44, by #1209FearMyArmy

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