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Why i can not ambush?01.27, 14:144Sir Hablaty01.27, 14:58, by Sir Hablaty
Login problem01.26, 20:143Sir Hablaty01.26, 20:29, by Sir Hablaty
Challenge Bug01.26, 19:571The One01.26, 19:57, by The One
not able to join a card game01.26, 17:022Stupefy01.26, 18:35, by Stupefy
"You are in a combat challenge" : where is it ????01.26, 16:152#9595saskat201.26, 16:59, by #9595saskat2
My 'Set ambush' doesnt' work"01.26, 15:544#1209virgiliuss01.26, 16:11, by #1209virgiliuss
Stuck in tournament card game01.26, 04:182Derelict01.26, 11:46, by Derelict
Stuck in the MG01.26, 11:323#7279MoxSapphire01.26, 11:42, by #7490gonlador
Server down and MG problem01.26, 10:291Vengeful Spirit01.26, 10:29, by Vengeful Spirit
Bug with shortcuts01.25, 16:543Lord -Maszi-01.25, 22:42, by Lord -Maszi-
Loading Objects.01.24, 21:443AKA01.25, 11:39, by AKA
Stucked in combat01.24, 19:331Lord KinoX01.24, 19:33, by Lord KinoX
Stuck in combat01.24, 19:162Lord KinoX01.24, 19:30, by Lord KinoX
Stick in gard game!!!01.24, 13:253#7490Lady SladurAna01.24, 16:36, by #7490Lady SladurAna
computer not viewing page01.23, 16:003#7705Lord knightwalkerII01.24, 15:20, by #7705Lord knightwalkerII
cards stuck01.24, 10:473KilliDurin01.24, 12:11, by wowososo
New Character and reference link01.24, 10:382666beasty01.24, 10:38, by 666beasty
Stuck employed?01.24, 02:271rosadios01.24, 02:27, by rosadios
gambler guild tournament lag01.23, 22:303guyb01.24, 00:43, by Barghest
roulette01.23, 20:525Tyryvel01.23, 21:41, by Lord syrian
Flash Problem For Samsung01.20, 15:004Ur_End_Is_Here01.20, 16:56, by Ur_End_Is_Here
Game not returned items from trade09.30, 11:5547Bantex01.17, 13:28, by Bantex
Where is the transfered art?01.15, 17:553Lord hablaty01.16, 17:54, by Lord hablaty
bug01.16, 12:191#7490Dark_Snow01.16, 12:19, by #7490Dark_Snow
Enroll problem01.13, 11:285Lord kanss01.15, 12:19, by Lord kanss
Enroll with LG Swift L7 (LG -P700) with Android 4.0.3 system01.12, 14:316#7705Lord BrownBear01.13, 03:48, by #1209barbmaster
Created a new account01.08, 13:266jamil01.08, 15:59, by jamil
some problem in pvp12.31, 12:421Lady TaQQ12.31, 12:42, by Lady TaQQ
Outstanding damage12.28, 11:043Wait_for_me_now12.28, 12:38, by Wait_for_me_now
No diamonds for my transaction07.27, 08:4361#7153StevieGerrard12.24, 04:19, by #7153StevieGerrard

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