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market lags

Authormarket lags
it happens me very often - if i want to buy (f.e.) wood/ore on market, i click "buy" (and type an amount of resources), then i get a message "auction expired", ok, somebody has bought it already, BUT, i can see this lot again on market (same id), this lot is hanging minimum for 10-15 seconds. (so during this 10-15 seconds i can again and again click buy on this lot, but every time i get "auction expired")

another example with artifacts: (same problem)

please fix it.
[my internet isn't to slow, tested: 5.778 kbit/s (722 kByte/s) (= download speed)]
still relevant problem!
if i create a new auction, then i will redirected to "https://www.lordswm.com/auction.php?cat=my&sort=0", site with my lots, but i can't see my new auction. if i refresh the site then i can see it. But only after site refreshing or if i click somewhere else and then go back to "your lots"-site.
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