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Donate01.16, 04:294Silman01.24, 07:44, by NoobyNooob
I don't see my transfer log!01.22, 17:2618Collector7901.24, 06:21, by Lord DragonEater
Stuck in Survival Tournamet, AGAIN.......01.23, 07:041DragonBlaze01.23, 07:04, by DragonBlaze
Roulete bug01.22, 14:041Drakulatear01.22, 14:04, by Drakulatear
Pay Pal error notice01.21, 15:451boozler01.21, 15:45, by boozler
HG points in hunt assist query01.21, 08:153D-Rock01.21, 08:25, by D-Rock
Hello dear dealer.12.30, 15:138Lord fedo01.19, 12:06, by Lord fedo
did not got level 3 spells01.13, 15:065Lord sumaJUMAN01.14, 04:19, by Lord sumaJUMAN
The next card tournament will begin at 14:0001.13, 14:041Lord Letos01.13, 14:04, by Lord Letos
help:- stuck in tournament01.09, 09:191necrogoddess01.09, 09:19, by necrogoddess
Stuck in Tournament01.09, 00:452DragonBlaze01.09, 03:14, by DragonBlaze
Cannot use magic in battle [ hunt ]01.08, 05:113DragonBlaze01.08, 08:36, by DragonBlaze
Cant gate with demon11.23, 07:339SinOfDusk01.05, 20:15, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
Leather armour plant11.21, 08:223crys4101.04, 21:09, by #7153Flour
Can I get my character back?01.04, 19:553boozler01.04, 20:01, by #7153Queen_Amanda
help! bug!07.23, 09:345bymer01.04, 16:21, by #7153Flour
cant watch a combat while travelling11.27, 04:075moses_eve201.04, 06:54, by cyberlord
Signet ring of might out of stock!01.01, 22:492#1209slayerofall01.01, 22:54, by #1209slayerofall
Stuck in the surviving tournament!!!!12.31, 18:448#7279Lord Rice01.01, 00:42, by #7279Lord Rice
Stuck in the surviving tournament!!!!12.31, 19:072#7279Lord Rice12.31, 20:14, by Lord fedo
stuck12.31, 18:292BlackPrince-Elf12.31, 18:39, by BlackPrince-Elf
Watching Combat While Traveling12.30, 00:445Blayde12.30, 12:46, by #4201Magier
recruiting problem09.10, 14:086Zentarim12.29, 06:33, by #7153Flour
I Try to Enroll but whenever i type in a character it enters10.30, 01:138XxNightLordxX12.29, 03:00, by Acron
Signet-ring of might out of stock12.28, 15:004ishan12.28, 15:02, by Lord -Malik-
Shrews stayed on a place without my permission - why?12.25, 18:305Lord Kaningann12.25, 20:28, by Lord Kaningann
code not working12.23, 16:182tripathi_sam12.23, 16:24, by Sohini
Can't see pictures in album12.16, 07:089blazingarpit12.18, 15:56, by blazingarpit
stuck i tournament02.21, 15:1212Lady Barabara12.15, 04:33, by #7153Flour
having trouble with my newly installed browser10.30, 17:205jhaanj12.15, 04:32, by #7153Flour

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