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Topic Date
Author Last message
enroll problem04.15, 17:312Lord vishnus04.15, 17:32, by Lord vishnus
Stuck in survival tourney04.04, 19:422crys4104.07, 05:50, by Lady Vengeful
stuck in combat04.02, 23:032Lord odyn04.02, 23:27, by Lord odyn
You are in a challenge!!!03.27, 16:2811pokyno04.02, 13:17, by pokyno
Roulette03.27, 16:254Knightee03.28, 18:15, by You-R-Gone
stuck in tournament lv 5 in elfs03.21, 14:223Lord Priwinn03.23, 01:39, by DoomStJohn
stuck in tournament lvl 603.19, 13:362Crimsondragon03.20, 15:33, by Crimsondragon
you are in a challenge03.15, 08:562Lady vasilyich03.15, 14:00, by #4201Magier
Dragon Eye out of stock02.16, 09:535Lord kanss03.11, 19:48, by Lord Atheros
tournaments failure03.09, 04:265Ken200803.09, 13:21, by XKnightManX
Broken donate page link in the Artifact Shop02.29, 07:074legend_of_lords02.29, 14:33, by #4201Magier
game fault01.15, 13:2613wiz_king02.28, 20:28, by Lord BankLWM1
Please refill Dragon's eye rings02.28, 08:212Sharpear02.28, 10:30, by Lord kanss
Enrolling02.26, 11:582#27S-u-n-n-y02.26, 12:59, by #27S-u-n-n-y
I could not battle hunt in the map01.15, 01:332#7153Lady M201002.16, 15:07, by #7153Flour
mercenarie's guild02.14, 13:492Zentarim02.14, 14:38, by niranjan12
i want to level up. But i have -130 exp or so02.05, 22:234dargo202.06, 07:39, by MrOnion
arts need to be refilled02.02, 14:593#7705Silent102.03, 09:12, by #7705Silent1
Paypal01.27, 07:116Lord Kokol01.30, 11:12, by Lord Kokol
Problem with the game01.12, 16:1028#7425Lord Anatema01.30, 04:53, by #7425Lord Anatema
Roulette!!01.22, 11:33184rockstar401.30, 00:45, by Alexander (adm)
for that was given - Player banned by autoban until ?01.28, 14:032gniloy01.28, 15:43, by #4201Magier
Mithril longsword out of stock12.14, 06:4114#7490discount01.28, 10:40, by Lord GhostBear
pls add Signet-ring of might02.10, 15:3123Lord edmon33301.27, 11:37, by Lord Mr_Brown
Paypal error01.16, 11:529DemonioGaules01.26, 15:39, by Die_Harder
You are already in a challenge!01.24, 07:485Lord Altus01.25, 17:09, by Lord Altus
Donate01.16, 04:294Silman01.24, 07:44, by NoobyNooob
I don't see my transfer log!01.22, 17:2618Collector7901.24, 06:21, by Lord DragonEater
Stuck in Survival Tournamet, AGAIN.......01.23, 07:041DragonBlaze01.23, 07:04, by DragonBlaze
Roulete bug01.22, 14:041Drakulatear01.22, 14:04, by Drakulatear

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