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Topic Date
Author Last message
roulette01.23, 20:525Tyryvel01.23, 21:41, by Lord syrian
Flash Problem For Samsung01.20, 15:004Ur_End_Is_Here01.20, 16:56, by Ur_End_Is_Here
Game not returned items from trade09.30, 11:5547Bantex01.17, 13:28, by Bantex
Where is the transfered art?01.15, 17:553#9595Lord hablaty01.16, 17:54, by #9595Lord hablaty
bug01.16, 12:191#7490Dark_Snow01.16, 12:19, by #7490Dark_Snow
Enroll problem01.13, 11:285Lord kanss01.15, 12:19, by Lord kanss
Enroll with LG Swift L7 (LG -P700) with Android 4.0.3 system01.12, 14:316#7705Lord BrownBear01.13, 03:48, by #1209barbmaster
Created a new account01.08, 13:266jamil01.08, 15:59, by jamil
some problem in pvp12.31, 12:421Lady TaQQ12.31, 12:42, by Lady TaQQ
Outstanding damage12.28, 11:043Wait_for_me_now12.28, 12:38, by Wait_for_me_now
No diamonds for my transaction07.27, 08:4361#7153StevieGerrard12.24, 04:19, by #7153StevieGerrard
stuck in combat12.21, 16:571Captain_Yuri12.21, 16:57, by Captain_Yuri
Battle not starting12.05, 09:512Lord Shodai9912.05, 15:07, by narutoayan
Creature images problem11.30, 17:214#4201Lord DarkAtom12.03, 01:55, by #4201Lord DarkAtom
somethings wrong or my computer problem?11.18, 08:594BAnK__R0BBeR11.25, 14:30, by ElfPride
Magic guild11.06, 18:512Helsinkill11.06, 19:50, by #4201Magier
squashman is stuck!10.31, 21:124Lord Tiny_Dragon10.31, 21:33, by Sven91
Paypall10.18, 20:202#1209Arcanide10.19, 07:56, by #7490Lord STBs
Moderator assist wanted10.12, 05:405Lord astar_tmp10.12, 06:12, by Pang
Flash player for IPAD10.07, 13:317-MrStump10.08, 06:32, by Lord SpeedOfSound
Strange hunting expedition10.05, 18:013Ozzkar10.05, 22:04, by Lady Laitha
no construction for me09.29, 05:412hellinme09.29, 05:43, by hellinme
loggout09.28, 13:136Lord DwArFeRy09.28, 23:24, by Lord SpeedOfSound
a huge lag in tavern09.25, 05:568Lord WarriorDuke09.28, 05:21, by #7490Lord STBs
massive lag and other tech errors during combat09.24, 05:015Xhuda09.24, 17:21, by Xhuda
Nginx09.09, 06:235kush_ankit09.11, 15:06, by Vlaer
about my account misses empire08.26, 20:314plschangeit09.05, 09:57, by #4201Magier
Combat problems in Mozilla firefox08.26, 02:149#7110Lord Gangstarr08.26, 16:39, by #7110Lord Gangstarr
Problems with galaxy s208.21, 16:462drdre2308.21, 16:56, by drdre23
Arts not returned even after the time to return has ended08.17, 15:213Pankaj_Kalra2108.17, 16:24, by Pankaj_Kalra21

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