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Cant donate through Paypal

AuthorCant donate through Paypal
At the current moment characters originating on the Russian server are unable to access Paypal. This may change in the future, but until then you may need to try and find an alternative way to donate.
It does not show under cards but right beneath the button were you can type how many diamonds you want.
for Arcanide:
That option only appears now for players who originated from the LordsWM server. It no longer appears for players who have registered from the Russian server.
I guess we will have to be patient and hope that the developers will make it easier for us to donate in the future.

First time I have seen a problem like that, usually it is more than easy to throw real money at online games... :)

Thanks Corey!
closed by Magier (2013-02-06 18:20:36)
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