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Topic Date
Author Last message
Unable to buy items07.28, 19:235Maledev07.30, 14:23, by Lord Hallion91
losing diamonds you already have when you buy new ones via mobile06.03, 15:452i_Hate_U06.03, 15:45, by i_Hate_U
Caravan difficulty increases after winning a PvP ambush ?05.21, 19:2911Lord Hallion9105.29, 14:11, by Lord Hallion91
Odd shotting by Gbow05.25, 09:225Lord richies05.25, 19:06, by vicky666
Donation problem with Paypal04.15, 21:5613Xhuda04.22, 20:44, by Xhuda
Not received payment04.07, 16:441PaDap04.07, 16:44, by PaDap
Browser02.28, 00:123PrettyElf02.28, 09:24, by PrettyElf
Can't log in .ru server02.25, 19:179Rocking Storm02.26, 19:33, by Sven91
TG system bug02.19, 13:281KOF Z02.19, 13:28, by KOF Z
battle not opening02.19, 05:441neilc02.19, 05:44, by neilc
lordswm not opening02.12, 03:597last hope02.17, 10:11, by MrBattleControl
Made a donation but havent received diamonds yet?01.31, 22:197MyDoom02.03, 01:49, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Return button not working01.21, 15:293BarbarianRuler01.21, 16:51, by BarbarianRuler
Problem with loading pictures, flash - Feedback required01.16, 18:396#4201Arctic01.17, 10:47, by -_NO--NAME_-
lock account01.14, 14:152Rapsun01.14, 14:27, by Lord KD
Is the server experiencing errors?01.11, 11:183#1209Santremus01.11, 12:47, by #1209Santremus
Paid for diamonds but didnt get them01.10, 06:135#4201carpo01.11, 05:55, by #4201carpo
taking too much time to load12.29, 21:132minku120812.30, 05:05, by Classic Dyna
Windows 8.112.26, 17:057Lisbon12.27, 18:07, by IIDarkManII
Quick tournament Invisible12.25, 14:233Pravin J12.26, 14:32, by Nav_lfc
Did not receive extra chest.12.19, 11:562virtual_vitrea12.24, 08:42, by #4201Arctic
Didn't get sphinx challenge12.24, 06:312LORDKUSHU12.24, 06:50, by cyberclops
i didnt receive my diamonds yet after i donate for 2 diamonds12.19, 21:042warrior10012.22, 11:54, by warrior100
Problem In Inventory08.27, 06:0811ElvishW12.19, 10:06, by Archmage Shawn
Chest of abundance12.07, 07:346#6311usagabro12.07, 08:39, by ElfPride
Accidentally traded diamonds for gold12.04, 05:075Zero-elo12.04, 11:45, by z E o
Everybody offline11.27, 18:542#6311usagabro11.28, 12:51, by #4201Arctic
Recovering Password (lost account)11.27, 20:234bobbywarlord11.28, 07:23, by ElfPride
Password Recovery (lost account)11.27, 17:242bobbywarlord11.27, 20:05, by bobbywarlord
Lost account (forgotten password)11.26, 21:308bobbywarlord11.27, 15:58, by bobbywarlord

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