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Donate Dint Get My 20Diamonds !!!

AuthorDonate Dint Get My 20Diamonds !!!
I bought 10diamonds twice, but I dint get the donate. Feel sad. Please solve as soon as possible. I need it to upgrade equipment. Thank
Here is the image that proof that I had purchased.
The first transcation was success but the 2nd and 3rd was fail. Please solve it quickly feel so dispointed. I had donate alot but first time fail. :( Admin please solve it. Thank
My time zone is GMT+8 from SouthEast Asia Malaysia. 1USD = RM3.8
1. Which payment method did you use?

2. Have you really "lost" your money (and haven't gotten diamonds) or did the transaction just fail completely?
i'm using paypal, if they dint refund.
I will chase my diamond.
Ok, if you lost your money and didn't receive your diamonds until now, please write a message with all details to the "Dealer" character: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7
Sometimes the donations through paypal just fail for some unknown reasons for some players, but they usually fix that fast.
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