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Not getting turn in Group battle

AuthorNot getting turn in Group battle
Hi! All.

I'm not getting my turn when I participate in group battle. Before my turn it shows every other player's actions properly. But when my turn comes the counter reads 0.

I feel that if my turn time is 30 seconds, then the system takes those 30 seconds to show the other unit's actions on screen.

I have latest flash player and my connection speed is 500KB - 1MB per second.
Its something with the site, I also saw qrator error something like that and the site is lagging too much
Yes, game is working awful atm.

I even cant enrol. Shows me code witch after put show an invalid code error ...

Same issue I am facing. In group battle either the system ignores my turn or takes too long to pass an action. And this is happening consistently with every battle be it hunt or group battle.

I have checked my connection speed which is fine as well as the flash player. Also cleared my browser cache. But the result is the same:(
This happened with me in a PoT fight.

I cast bless but nothing happened not even there was a message that " Wonderla waits"
and in the same battle, it wouldn't allow me to cast mass rapid though I had enough mana ( the grid came but clicking resulted in nothing ).
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