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Profile Mapkeps.

AuthorProfile Mapkeps.
Okay i had profile Mapkeps i wanted to play with it again after a year but it's blocked. I think it's because the gold transfer problem can somebody please unblock Mapkeps i really want to play with him again. If yes very big thanks if not than i'am very sad.
This one? https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=5101595

It's not blocked.
If it is due to financial assist then chances are that it would not be unblocked :( But you should try appealing to this commission anyways.

https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=6500 (scroll below for english instructions)
I think its blocked because i can't login and if i add he for friend he's nickname is red soo
It's not blocked, definetly.

If so, you would see "blocked" or "jailed" in the right upper corner of char page. It's read in your friend's friendlist? That's because you haven't logged in for a while.

Probably you just forgot your password? Try to get it back with email.
closed by Magier (2015-08-20 02:44:37)
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