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Donating not working

AuthorDonating not working

I have problem with paypal. Here are topics with similar issues, but without solution.

Problem - when I donate via paypal - buying diamonds - for first time, I get diamonds on my account, everything is OK.

When I repeat donating and buy diamonds again, I get error message (something like "payment cannot be processed" or whatever), no diamonds on account but money from bank account disappear. I saw error message, no diamonds so I repeat this action about four times.

I wrotte on xsolla support chat and they told me, that it is ok, money will be returned back. But it is some days and money wasn't returned. They told me that they have security system and they can apply small amount payment in day and others return back. But this should be in minutes not days.

What to do?
All you can do is wait. Its a known problem that happens when you use paypall. Don't think there is anything you can do besides waiting.

Perhaps consider an other option to donate? I've had this problem before and sometimes it takes up to a month before it works again (or a month before you get your cash back).
for Bender84:
try to contact Dealer
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