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Didn't get my 30 diamonds

AuthorDidn't get my 30 diamonds
i didsn't get my diamonds i will show you my receit
https://www2.my.commbank.com.au/netbank/TransactionHistory/History.aspx?RID=FHiXjWzxBEyjsKpyKrdoKA&SID=7OLgUfRLU2c%3 d&PB=E#ready
i donated money to get more diamond and didn't work c'mon i used commonwealth i donated to get 31 diamonds
try to contact dealer
ok i contacted dealer but i found out when i transfer money it was sent into 3 different netbank accounts why
i contact dealer. when is he online
i still am waiting for my diamonds
is the money deducted from your account? last time, when i didn't receive any diamonds, there is no money deducted from my acc. how about yours??
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // Flood]
Most transactions from cards are instantly to generate a feature (save some exceptions for 3rd pathership, like origin with a bank from a specific country, and few similarities.)

If you did not receive your diammonds, it's very likely that no money has deducted from your account. Call to your bank manager, ask if you've received anything to pay or not. It's very likely not.

Then try to discover what did go wrong, fix it, and try again, in order to get your diammonds.
Why is this topic still active? He got his diamonds long ago, someone pl close thhis :)
If that's true, he never cared to mention it here.
try to contact dealer
closed by Beliar (2015-12-18 11:22:24)
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