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Cannot connect to the server

AuthorCannot connect to the server
I'm playing the Pot and after about every min or so this happens
I'm not able to connect to the server
I have to restart the whole thing(browser)
and also,
everything else works just fine, the forum and all working fine
its just the battle, any one else encountering the same?
nope,it is fine with me.Is there any problem with the internet connection you use ?
no there isn't
even if there were, then other components of the game would also have been affected :/
but it is happening only in battles
otherwise it is fast only(the speed of my net)
Reset your cache, that might work.
maybe a flash problem...
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Technical support".
I got it now as well, rest of the lordswm site don't work at that moment either, not even forum, all was fine till today.
In gameplay it even sais lost connection to the server and then later on works again but keeps on going like this.
Even when I keep the event site open for joining the battles which refreshes, it seems to hickup now and then as well, I'm guessing it's server overload again since every other site on my internet has no problem and only lordswm
The problem went away after half an hour orso, I guess it really was a serveroverload, since it didn't appear anymore after that, at least not when I played.
closed by Magier (2015-08-20 14:14:33)
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