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Game play by android device09.28, 20:567TheDemonLT12.16, 07:59, by #7490Eddreine_RinLi
account stuck in combat09.08, 06:095Tampon09.08, 20:13, by Lady Abby
great experiment rewards08.26, 15:493#7490Mathijs08.27, 20:07, by #7490Meshy
Change main character to a new one08.13, 00:182RicHunter08.14, 21:24, by #7490Meshy
Diamond exchange rates are not correct08.01, 10:552Perturbo08.01, 23:15, by #7490Meshy
map error06.29, 14:592Bheem07.17, 21:47, by Naturef
Bug in Mercenery quest?06.24, 21:433matejkosk06.24, 22:52, by #7490Meshy
DIAMONDS06.21, 23:068Devil_King6906.24, 12:09, by #4201Magier
Why cannot find the "I'm not a robot" box when enroll06.15, 22:314#1519z_j_cd06.16, 07:42, by #1519z_j_cd
Map Error06.10, 18:101Veer_K06.10, 18:10, by Veer_K
about the ring06.02, 18:455#7490ll_Lord_ll06.06, 15:13, by #17Beliar
stuck in combat06.06, 07:402SuperPorker06.06, 08:00, by #7490Lady Zephyranna
Paypal donation06.02, 15:065IComeInPeace06.05, 12:50, by #17Beliar
Error in logging in05.17, 00:283Godzoop05.31, 15:49, by #4201Magier
MG award not displayed after battle05.12, 10:003Veer_K05.12, 12:53, by Veer_K
Timer Script for Chrome04.24, 18:094#1209Lord Zehir04.25, 21:08, by #1209Lord Zehir
Can not play.03.28, 18:1418bogkick04.07, 20:20, by randomr1
Description not showing in group battles03.04, 21:371#4201ParaLeul03.04, 21:37, by #4201ParaLeul
donate problem02.27, 20:407pchana-08002.28, 19:47, by pchana-080
Problem with Reload Pages in this game02.08, 10:5310Sage Paladin02.23, 20:15, by Lord Hallion91
Lagging like **** when loading this game02.10, 13:101moro88802.10, 13:10, by moro888
I realized my mistake01.30, 19:392shaahid2002.08, 16:02, by #17Beliar
Donation thru phone method02.05, 14:542TheStrongest02.08, 15:59, by #17Beliar
android flash player for playing from phone11.29, 20:0918SuperBacon01.30, 20:25, by ConsulJang
Slow login through proxy01.11, 10:161Anonymity01.11, 10:16, by Anonymity
my account stucked in opening a battle map: Load error = steelgolemanip01.07, 22:265Tianyou_Noname01.10, 03:46, by guyb
Skrill isn't working?09.16, 01:454#4201virtual_vitrea12.21, 19:39, by #4201virtual_vitrea
No longer saving pass11.30, 23:589Angel of Death12.01, 02:03, by Angel of Death
problem with donating08.20, 23:206proguy133711.14, 16:53, by #17Beliar
Can't buy diamonds09.02, 05:216#7279eddy_fish11.14, 16:52, by #17Beliar

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