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Chakkal2001 unable to login

AuthorChakkal2001 unable to login
This is what he sees.
He's been trying for an hour, the picture capcha does not show up
He tried logging in through mobile but it worked for a second and then stopped working too.
He sent the picture link to me and i tried it from my end but i too was unable to see the capcha picture.

Btw did i mention that characters below level 3 can't apparently post in the support section? just the help section about the game itself, eh.

He was able to make a new character but it wasn't able to post on the forums so i'm doing it for him.
I have the same problem. Unable to log in from laptop.
Same problem here. Logged in through phone.
Chakkal was able to log in, temporarily.
The previous all attempts were made using the same wifi.
When he switched to mobile data on his phone, he was able to log in.
But it kicked him and gave him the same error if he switched to that wifi.

this temporary fix seems to work so give it a try.
Using a vpn lets you enter the code too.
I was able to find a loophole (all this on laptop).

Trying to log-in through usual router wifi sends me to the login page asking for a nonexistent code.

When I tried to log in using mobile hotspot, I can access the account normally. However, once logged in, if I tried to switch back to router wifi, next time I refresh the page it goes back to log in homepage and same problem again.

Tried to log in through mobile hotspot again, this time switched to router wifi IN THE MIDDLE OF A HUNT (took ages to load as my connection through mobile hotspot is garbage). Was able to continue to the fight, and after it finished, I am logged in now as usual.

Hopefully it sticks. I guess if I log off and try to log in again through usual router wifi, problem will still be there.
Thanks for the info. I'm also logged in through a mobile hotspot too.
Same problem.
Logged in through mobile using mobile data
Now the code is visible but Iím not able to login through wifi.
Iím using mobile data.
Please fix this
Same problem. Logged from phone.
Seems fixed. Just magaged to log on from PC.
After 10 years still can't edit posts...sigh.
Still people having issues , tassander cant logg in today
Run ccleaner or whatever cleaner you use, it fixed the problem to some.
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