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AuthorIP address
The IP address is based on devices or connections?
What if I have friends/family playing with same connection but different devices? Will the IP be the same?
Did a Google search...
I have the feeling the answer is here, but I did not much understand what they said really:

- https://teamtreehouse.com/community/is-ip-address-unique-for-every-device-computer-tablet-mobile
- https://www.quora.com/How-do-IP-addresses-work-Does-the-IP-address-vary-from-computer-to-computer-or-does-it-depend-on-t he-internet-connection-youre-using-If-I-use-my-neighbours-Wi-Fi-from-my-computer-does-that-change-my-IP-address

I'd say "Yes", to your question, but not sure.
Check the Links.
Connection will be the same, device will be diferent that's why we have to say to our personal info with whom we share or might share connection by theit name in the game and not play from the same device, and who are our multys if any.
Ok crystal clear, Thanks
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