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Topic Date
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Accidentaly pressing discard button on an item, doesn't give me the warning07.19, 12:053god_mom07.19, 23:26, by #7490Meshy
Combat no longer loads (gray screen)06.12, 01:2714#9595Dejia07.13, 00:54, by Fallen Atheros
Errors these days06.04, 00:046#1209bp9906.11, 09:17, by Lexa
Golden scroll of calling after donation06.09, 14:163Fury_Barb06.09, 15:04, by Fury_Barb
licence log filter05.17, 15:362#7490AzagToth05.17, 16:09, by #7490AzagToth
Warning message on map05.04, 06:404V_K_S05.04, 11:23, by V_K_S
Lost 1% estate license to Sunny city04.09, 20:582Shiningstarr04.09, 21:25, by Shiningstarr
Lost 7k on card game because of server went off.03.26, 02:214grif04.06, 00:23, by grif
Note: You are already in a challenge!03.25, 13:444#7490Gnjavator03.25, 15:20, by #7490Gnjavator
MG autobattle got stuck03.12, 06:212Lord selfist03.12, 12:09, by Lord selfist
Please help. Someone hacked my account02.10, 17:412blackdeathgr02.20, 06:36, by Lexa
IP address01.09, 07:314Cric3z5255701.19, 07:27, by Cric3z52557
Different buttons appearing during battles for different computers?01.06, 19:265cjylooploop43401.15, 12:32, by cjylooploop434
Roulette with no result?01.08, 05:142FredySky01.08, 05:14, by FredySky
Trying to buy diamonds using Paypal Winter Sale - Not Working Part 212.26, 18:133#7705elven_blade12.30, 08:18, by #7705elven_blade
Sphinx12.27, 16:372#3975bolnoi-na12.28, 12:52, by #4201Corey
Trying to buy diamonds using Paypal Winter Sale - Not Working12.13, 20:417#7705elven_blade12.26, 00:05, by #4201Corey
Diamonds11.23, 16:393koolkids11.23, 16:41, by #7490Meshy
Lost Purchase11.13, 10:281#387Padparadscha11.13, 10:28, by #387Padparadscha
Bought Diamonds10.31, 10:133Volkwin11.04, 13:33, by Shiningstarr
Chakkal2001 unable to login10.27, 21:5714ImmortalRegis10.28, 16:23, by #4201Calamity
Didn't receive "A casket with a gift for free for every 10 diamonds! *"10.11, 22:445#10557masquerade9410.12, 10:35, by #7490Meshy
compra de diamantes08.23, 19:425lucascavs08.24, 23:35, by Slust
I'm not receiving the diamonds purchased08.16, 17:482PapaBone08.16, 20:09, by Wonderla
Bug with recruting (phone)08.13, 15:235god_mom08.13, 15:32, by BenLinus
Blocked07.31, 14:512Walja07.31, 18:06, by #7490Meshy
Clan icons are gone07.01, 18:367Aurelija07.03, 09:32, by #15Beliar
Can't display talent page06.28, 15:2037-King of Kings06.29, 11:23, by SuperBacon
Cannot upgrade 'Underground depot'06.19, 13:304Swingfly06.19, 18:53, by Swingfly
Lags04.23, 17:133grif06.07, 09:05, by #15Beliar

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