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Topic Date
Author Last message
Lost Purchase11.13, 10:281Padparadscha11.13, 10:28, by Padparadscha
Bought Diamonds10.31, 10:133Volkwin11.04, 13:33, by Shiningstarr
Chakkal2001 unable to login10.27, 21:5714ImmortalRegis10.28, 16:23, by #4201Calamity
Didn't receive "A casket with a gift for free for every 10 diamonds! *"10.11, 22:445masquerade9410.12, 10:35, by #7490Meshy
compra de diamantes08.23, 19:425lucascavs08.24, 23:35, by Slust
I'm not receiving the diamonds purchased08.16, 17:482#7490PapaBone08.16, 20:09, by Wonderla
Bug with recruting (phone)08.13, 15:235god_mom08.13, 15:32, by BenLinus
Blocked07.31, 14:512Walja07.31, 18:06, by #7490Meshy
Clan icons are gone07.01, 18:367Aurelija07.03, 09:32, by #276Beliar
Can't display talent page06.28, 15:2037-King of Kings06.29, 11:23, by SuperBacon
Cannot upgrade 'Underground depot'06.19, 13:304Swingfly06.19, 18:53, by Swingfly
Lags04.23, 17:133grif06.07, 09:05, by #276Beliar
Did not gain CG points and skill points05.28, 14:364seanckx05.31, 21:56, by #276Beliar
Incredible lag while casting spells05.16, 12:417The One Ring05.16, 20:35, by #7490Meshy
Stacked in loading battle04.23, 08:576Swingfly04.24, 14:04, by Swingfly
Enroll issue - I am no robot03.23, 18:317#7490Viod03.25, 01:43, by #7490Viod
Combat not loading03.16, 17:055yuvi803.16, 17:40, by yuvi8
Puffin browser02.10, 18:385#7490Mammary02.15, 20:06, by Ipsen
Combat in Google Chrome02.10, 14:141Naturef02.10, 14:14, by Naturef
Pay Safe Card01.03, 22:558Ipsen01.05, 20:19, by Ipsen
My account12.30, 22:255PensionarsVAC01.01, 06:52, by #7490Meshy
stuck in battle12.22, 21:362#7181ramincfc12.22, 23:29, by #7490Meshy
Game play by android device09.28, 20:567TheDemonLT12.16, 07:59, by #7490Eddreine_RinLi
account stuck in combat09.08, 06:095Tampon09.08, 20:13, by Lady Abby
great experiment rewards08.26, 15:493#7705Mathijs08.27, 20:07, by #7490Meshy
Change main character to a new one08.13, 00:182RicHunter08.14, 21:24, by #7490Meshy
Diamond exchange rates are not correct08.01, 10:552Perturbo08.01, 23:15, by #7490Meshy
map error06.29, 14:592Bheem07.17, 21:47, by Naturef
Bug in Mercenery quest?06.24, 21:433matejkosk06.24, 22:52, by #7490Meshy
DIAMONDS06.21, 23:068Devil_King6906.24, 12:09, by #4201Magier

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