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AuthorPhishing site?
Bots for GVD! Demo versions are free!

To purchase, please contact us by email hwmbotauto@yandex.ru

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Got above mail from the below player.

It has a link in it. the message was in russian.

looks to me that the character was created specifically to send mails.
The mail was translated using yandex translate. Is the site harmful?
Bots are prohibited and I wouldn't trust such messages ever. Do not try to use this as it can be harmful + against rules
Also please report the message to the Insults character.

To forward a private message that contains insults, foul language, malicious links, etc., click Reply and replace the recipient’s nickname with ‘Insults’.
Also please report the message to the Insults character.

I will do that. Thanks
The character is already blocked. lol :D
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