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AuthorError trying to access some aspects of the game
As i mentioned in a previous thread=2777779 ... Which I closed because the problem stopped.

Now it is back and it's even worse. now I can't even access the whole map tab.

also what's seriously weird about it, is that I sometimes cannot access certain character pages. It sometimes happens with someone that is in my friendlist or just a complete stranger.

Iam sick of switching back and forth between lordswm and heroeswm

Someone has to at least answer about the problem.
This is the page I get directed to

It tells me in russian that there is a problem and I can play somekind of a minigame until it is resolved.

Игра HeroesWM.ru недоступна :(
Из-за аварии в дата центре нашего провайдера сервер heroeswm.ru недоступен. Мы ждем скорейшего решения проблемы. (Обновить)

Используйте стрелки на клавиатуре или щелчок мыши, чтобы направить ваших существ в нужную сторону. Объединяйте одинаковых существ для создания более мощных; целью игры является достижение самого сильного существа вашей фракции. Удачи!
would you look at that... still no response

well now it's the market that I cant access.

until next time.
change your browser.

i got same issues in chrome browser , now its ok in FireFox.
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