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Severe lags

AuthorSevere lags

There I'm facing severe lags whenever I log into this game through my laptop. It was fine 2 days ago. All the other websites work fine. But while accessing any of the pages in lords, it takes about a minute to load.

I have no problems when I log into lords through my phone using the same WiFi connection. I've tried chrome and firefox but i still have the same probs.

Any computer nerds who could help me figure out the problem? ;)

Do you use a VPN?

I sometimes have lag problems when using a VPN.
I dont use a VPN and i still face those lags :/
I think there have been reports on attack on Internet servers in many nations which has made net also slow and many sites to crash, in India even Google is not opening easily and quickly, maybe that is happening in your nation
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Seems to be fixed by itself. Weird.
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