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Donations not working?

AuthorDonations not working?
Is it me? or the donations through Card payment option is not working?
Always gives an error message.
No error but no diamonds either....
I'll be patient! or atleast try to be

- Dralus
Which option are you trying to use?

With the Xsolla options, I find that when my donations are taking a while to process, it is easier to ask them about it. There is a chat option down the bottom, open it and say, "Hello, how long will it take for my transaction to be completed." They ought to get back to you fairly quickly, just keep the chat open in a tab. I've had all my transactions cleared within 5 minutes of opening chat and talking to them. So this is a possibility for you to try.

As for Paypal, I don't have a suggestion for that option at the moment. ;)

Both Xsolla and paypal give error message to me. Either don't work.
I am pretty sure, it's not an error on my card side ,'coz i have used my card here earlier.
Same here, Xsolla by OneBip don't seem to be workin for me.
If paypall gives an error it means that you have no money on the card or that you're card has been blocked/missed. I've had it before..
I'm not too happy with the Xsolla either, They charged me 40p (I know it sounds like a lot but now i have to top up again to get the 10 onebip amount) So I just lost 40p, meaning i cant get them diamonds, because their service is horrible.
Finally got a refund plus my diamonds :)
Have you got anything yet? Error stopped?
no not yet;)

And i do not understand what is the problem, 'coz my card is working fine on steam store.
woohoo! after 2 years of halfharted payment attempts, i finally succeeded to use a creditcard to buy diamonds.
The Visa people told me that they had blocked the payment attempts to xsolla, but this has now been resolved.
Does anybody know how long it takes before the diamonds are credited, after succesfull payment?
Good for you;)

Should not take more than 24 hours, just wait for an official answer before that, hopefully.
Ajith, working yet? If not, try to contact xsolla or whoever you are buying off and see if they can do anything to help you :)
to Ajith: if you did not do it allready, you could call your credit card company and tell them that you are trying to make a payment online.

Try the Skrill option (if your creditcard is listed there.)
For me it worked, but only because i used the telephone... it is an ancient form of communication, but i gets the job done.
Okay payment worked through Skrill account.

Problem solved.
closed by Ajith (2013-05-02 21:11:04)
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