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5 luck battle

Author5 luck battle
I have just learned that maximum luck you can have is 5. Can someone give me a link to a 5 luck battle?
it can be achieved by waring "elf scout set" which give +5 luck for lords. unfortunately our server don't that set. You can find it in .ru version server.
But elf faction have 5 luck (in other race is waste talent points)

Expert luck
Amulet of luck
Tavern drink

And of course ,for a DE,
Expert fortune+Amulet of luck+Ring of doubt (but you have to suffer with your morale) :[
Sorry but i wasn't able to dig out a battle like this for u
it can go to 7 if using Ring of doubts but -4 to moral
I guess he was asking for battle link....
Go to the top players section. Look for Elf/dark Elf players with Max. gamblers guild level and look through their battlelogs.
Ya my bro was asking for such a battle link,even I tried to hunt it for him but didn't get one. I'm sure someone must have surely done it.
if you cant found any, just take my 5 morale battle, assume the morale as the luck,
the rate of trigger still same

I remember the battles I fought with 5 Luck...
It was at the last Halloween :)

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