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Hunting Gear

AuthorHunting Gear
What is the most economical and minimal(maximim AP covered so we do need only a few items to get AP) arts Hunting gear for LV 7?

Please consider the cost and selling price of arts when durability is 0 and also the no. of times it can be used.

For example a great hunter arrow is great and covers 5 AP but it has only 10 durabilty and cp is approx 1400 but sp is only 104. whras a steel buckler though only 2 Ap has cp 800 n sp 520 n 15 durability.

Scroll down to your level.
Thank you
if some to help me...i dont now how to make hunter chalange in battle meni...(: if some of you want to help me,read me ingame...thanks
for wizz1974:
You don't do it at group battles menu. You do it on the map, you select "ask for assistance" and the battle goes to group battles as hunt battle.
for wizz1974:
And next time if your questions is not related to the topic it is strictly suggested to create a new thread, rather than hijack an existing one.
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