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about events in christmas and new year

Authorabout events in christmas and new year
what are the events to be expected in
christmas and new year
we are nearing the christms
so please clear my way

thanks in advance
no ones knows!
expect the worst hope for the best
I am almost positive merge would happen on an anniversary
but we are nearing christmas
and if the events are introduced
they would last till jan 4 or 5
your level 7 if you don't kno the usually by know well idk what to tell ya
see here :)

what is meant by merge
please explain me about this
our .com server is dead...so to make this server more lively the .ru server and .com server "merging" or "mixing"

thereby the admins can monitor both the servers at once and make their job easy

link to russian server---http://www.heroeswm.ru/index.php

feel free to create an account :) they are more advanced than us
nice to noobs hehe
I quess ill give some advice
google chrome translates automatically incase you only speak English like me
also im quessing we wont get steppe to merge
Only admins knows...

Server is dead cas even ST is nt arranged nw a days
If you want to continue this discussion, do so here: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1922522
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