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ST score formula

AuthorST score formula
How they calculate ST score?Sometimes only 1 wave makes a huge difference in score.

So how this score is calculated?
As far as I can see from my own combats, every time one of my stacks or heroe attacks, it increases the score.
every unit has a value. for every unit killed, you receive points based on that value. higher tier units will generally loot you more points. Also monsters give you the most points.
no specific answers :(
if i am correct (but not sure) u get for every hitpoint u kill a point
For every 1 point of damage you deal to enemies you gain a certain, preset, number of points. As an example (not real values) if you hit a stack of recruits for 1 damage, you get 1.2 points, whereas if you hit a stack of brilliant unis for 1 damage, you get 4.3 points. This value is multiplied by how much damage you deal to the stack. Lets say that you deal 1000 damage to a stack of recruits and there are some left. Since you dealt 1000 full damage to recruits, you would get (1000*1.2) 1200 points. But if there are only 60 recruits, and you deal 1000 damage to them, you would only get 60*1.2=72 points. Make sense?

I don't know every creatures specific value for points as they all differ. If you really want to know, write down your score before you hit a stack, and then after you hit it. Then subtract lower score from higher score and divide by how much damage you did to them to find the damage/point ratio for that creature. :)
it is not always same, the number of stacks left also determine it
its based on the exp value, it could be found in "about the game" on the russian server. nobody bothered translating the entire manual to english.


An angel has 330 point value, skeletons have 6 point value. Thus every point of damage to a skeleton would net you 6/4 = 1.5points. And every point of damage to angel would net you 330/180 = 1.83 points.
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