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A few changes in the game I just noticed


AuthorA few changes in the game I just noticed
Time to expire all offers on market.

If they make merge without all offers expire, who still have a lot on market will get slot bugged, also gonna lost the item.
Who the hell thinks of business during world's end anyway?

Me, can I offer you something? :)
I don't think so ;)

But to be honest, and I'm saying this without any resent towards anyone at all, seeing lots with duration of 2 days and several hours long at this point feels like unnecessary delay before we can all enjoy the fun awaiting at .ru world.

I can understand that some people hope to sell some stuff at a better price here, than they would after the merge, but in my opinion such attempts to make profit at this point are doomed to fail - unless you are lucky enough to find someone completly ignorant to the fact that .ru prices are substantialy lower. Therefore I conclude that majority of potential and aware buyers wait to spend their gold until the merge is done.
@524 I shouldn't say ingorant this is rude! =/

It's more like they have a necessity of something really important to them on that specific moment. EG how some one will do any battle without min ap? So they will need buy AP to get on battlefield. And we have to wait *atleast* 2 days, which means everyone will run out of resources, and gonna need get some. That's the spirit of this game, some one need and some one bring to em, that's called help a friend. :)

We have wait this merge for very long time, just few days won't gonna kill us. I already sould all my stuff on market, but I understand and hope others sellers had same chance than me.
It's not rude at all, ignorant means at this context exactly the same as unaware. But sure, you have a point. Those offers make sense if someone is desperately in need of some unavailable item and insists on that particular item, dismissing any available replacements.

On the other hand you're wrong. If there were no offers of 2+ days long, nobody would have to wait 2 days, because we'd be sooner on .ru lands, where they could get basically anything they need ;)

And again, you are right. Those 2 more days won't make any difference. It's just more time for admins to refine some final things, to make sure the transition is smooth.

And all this discussion is just me, anxious to experience all the things .ru has, and .com doesn't and trying to make time pass faster ;)
Great Capital is on fire!!!
Oh dear.
Looks like the merge is complete =)
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